I don’t think it needs to be said but many people are of the belief that the Enduro Championship is the toughest motorcycle racing series in the world. Fittingly enough, the toughest round of the Enduro is called the Red Bull Romaniacs. Somewhat of an appropriate name, wouldn’t you say?

This season, Red Bull is going overdrive in promoting the race, so much so that the company even produced a pretty slick video that documents the perils that await the riders who will compete in the race.

The Romaniacs is a real thing, justifying its hype by being a four-day enduro rally race that will take just about ever last ounce of skill from the riders competing in it. The race will have its scenic routes, but I doubt riders will find time to enjoy the scenery, knowing full well that the slightest distraction would likely mean the end of their race.

Typical of the current climate in Romania, the race is also expected to be held under the searing heat of the sun, making it even tougher for riders to concentrate on the task at hand.

Imagine yourself trying to win a race that involves spending nine hours a day on your bike and doing it for four straight days while also having to worry about the competition and Mother Nature’s good ‘ol treachery. Not exactly a ride to the park, is it?

This isn’t to say that the Red Bull Romaniacs is unconquerable. On the contrary, the race will feature a handful of riders who have had success in the Romaniacs. Graham Jarvis will be there. He’s won the race four times, making the most successful rider in the history of the round.

Johnny Walker (not to be confused with the alcoholic beverage) won the race in 2014 so he’s all set to defend his crown. Then there’s 2009 winner Andreas Lettenbichler, who you can never rule out in a competition like this. Same with Alfredo Gomez and Wade Young, two past podium finishers looking to finally step into the top step of the podium.

There are plenty of interesting storylines tied into the Red Bull Romaniacs. But every year, all the talk always falls back to how difficult the race is relative to every other round in the Endurance Championship.

Why it matters

I’m not the foremost authority on motorcycle endurance races so I leave the opinions to those who actually compete in these type of events.

So when people who know a thing or two about endurance racing say that the Red Bull Romaniacs is a marauder’s race, I’ll take their word to the bank.

I can’t even begin to imagine the level of preparation needed to be able to race for nine hours a day for four straight days. That takes an extraordinary amount of fitness, dedication, and concentration to the task at hand. Even then, all these things might not even matter.

That’s especially true this year after race organizers decided to change the outline of the race, compelling riders to test their wits against the treacherous Carpathian forests.

So yeah, enjoy yourselves, riders. Stay safe, ride hard, and most importantly, come out of it in one piece. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Source: Red Bull

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