Jumping his Harley off a ramp, but gave no heed to calculations

We all want to jump off a ramp and feel weightless with our bike. Doing that may sound dead easy, but it involves a lot of things in play. Ramp angle, approach speed, bike weight, fuel mass, rider mass, and some basic mathematical solutions to land you safe back on the ground.

This guy here on a Harley thought he could pull off a Travis Pastrana jump. He did get a few things right though: two ramps, a bike and himself. Unfortunately, he must have left his brains hanging in the backyard and forgot to pack it.

In full enthusiasm, he approached way too fast which gave him a good jump, yes, but he misjudged the landing point and missed it by a dozen feet at least. The hard landing threw him off the bike, not before his head bumped hard on the handlebar. Luckily, he survived the crash.

Video: The wanna be stuntman who forgot his math
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Video: The wanna be stuntman who forgot his math
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I think he learned a well-deserved lesson to have paid attention in school. This is not a daredevil in the making for sure.

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