Surely, three-time Superbike World Champion Troy Bayliss, considered as one of the best motorcycle riders in history, is just showing off here. As if performing a front wheel burnout on a bike is hard enough, doing it on a Ducati just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

I would know because I’ve seen somebody try - operative word there - to perform a similar stunt a few years ago to disastrous results.

But Bayliss makes it look so easy, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering his pedigree as one of the most decorated riders in history.

In addition to winning the Superbike World Championship three times, Bayliss has also victories in the British Superbike Championship and MotoGP, all while riding his trusty Ducati.

Even if he’s happily retired, you can still count on Bayliss to perform ridiculous stunts like this one. It’s a testament not only to his skill, but also the flamboyance that made him a household name in the motor racing world.

So go ahead and do your front-wheel burnouts, Troy Bayliss. We know such stunts are a cakewalk for you. Perhaps next time you can treat us to a no-wheel burnout? We don’t know if that’s even possible, but surely, you’re the man for the job, yeah?


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