There are times when even the most hardened of adults turn back into kids. There are a lot of reasons something like this could happen that could trigger that trip back to those times when life was all about enjoying the scenery and basking in the air of the cool spring breeze.

Some of us might not get that feeling as often as others do, but judging by this video, those who were given a chance to try out Victory Motorcycle’s new Oculus Right virtual motorcycle ride all came away with that feeling.

The Victory Virtual Ride was presented at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Chicago and from the looks of things, the ride ended up becoming as popular as the show itself. Developed specifically for Victory Motorcycles, this particular Oculus Right virtual motorcycle ride was tailored to generate the same riding characteristics of the Victory Gunner, right down to that ear-popping engine roar.

You only need to watch the video to find out how much of fun those who gave it a try had as they embarked on the virtual equivalent of riding to Sturgis, South Dakota. The expressions on the faces of those who tried it out are nothing short of priceless, which I presume is precisely what Victory Motorcycles was going for when it decided to showcase it at motor show.

Now if only there was a way for me to finagle my way to giving it a try too. I don’t know how to make that happen, but rest assured, I’ll stop at nothing to see that I get a chance to take it out for a spin.


Source: YouTube - Victory Motorcycles

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