Back in 2011, Victory Motorcycles encased a 2002 V92 TC bike in a block of ice as an experiment of sorts to showcase just how tough and durable its bikes are. Fast forward to May 2015 and the bike was finally taken out of its icy box with the objective of bringing it back to life.

First of all, putting a bike inside a block of ice isn’t really the smartest thing when you’re trying to preserve it. But this experiment wasn’t an exercise in novelty; Victory Motorcycles really wanted to show how tough its models are. So the block of ice was sent to Stonetown Custom, where it proceeded to put in the work to resuscitate the bike back to working condition.

You would think that Stonetown Custom would have its hands full figuring out how to bring the bike back to life, but for the most part, the aftermarket company was met with little mechanical resistance after the bike was left outdoors to melt and rain. Once the actual work was done to put the pieces back in place, engineers from Stonetown Custom came away surprised to see that the frozen V92 TC only needed a new battery, new oil, fresh fuel, and a new air filter before it started working again.

To be fair, the V92 TC had a whole lot of miles on it as a test bike when Victory decided to encase it in ice for four years. It’s also been through the mechanical ringer a handful of times so it’s not like the parts that were replaced were still stock.

But the fact that the bike sprung to life as soon as work was done goes to show how tough Victory bikes really are.

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Why it matters

I’ve seen plenty of stunts involving motorcycles in my day, but I can’t, for the life of me, remember a time that I watched, read, or heard about a motorcycle getting encased in an ice block only for the ice to be melted four years later to see if the bike is still working.

This is a new one for me so I was admittedly skeptical at first that Victory Motorcycles and its partner-in-crime for this exercise, Stonetown Custom, would successfully pull it off.

Turns out, I didn’t give these guys the credit they deserve. Not only were they able to fix the bike and make it functional again, but they were able to do it while only replacing a few parts of the bike to complete the process.

It’s pretty incredible if you think about it, especially when you consider that the bike - a 2002 V92 TC - was put through the ringer more times than it would’ve preferred before it was frozen.

For it to function normally despite its pre-frozen mileage and its icy state for the past four years is pretty incredible.

Now enough of my talking. If you haven’t seen the video yet, do yourselves a factor and go check it out. Trust me, you’ll be impressed too.

Source: Victory Motorcycles

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