Anybody who knows anything about motorcycles knows that baggers aren’t usually associated with drifting and burning rubber. That’s not to say that these bikes can’t pull it off, but you’re going to have a far easier time working up the smoke with sports bikes or superbikes. That said, Tony Carbajal and Joe Vertical, two members of Victory Motorcycles’ Stunt Team, are known for eschewing conventional thinking just so they can accomplish the unconventional like say, burning rubber while riding baggers. The two stunt riders put that stunt on display recently with a pair of supercharged Victory Magnums at the JenningsGP track in Florida.

As expected, Carbajal and Vertical didn’t shy away from letting loose around the track, pushing their respective baggers to their absolute limit with one smoky burnout after another around the southern track. It’s impressive to watch, at least until the time that you begin to wonder whether or not Victory put in something extra on those two Magnums to make them run like all-conquering maniacs on the track.

Turns out, not only are these two Magnums supercharged, but they also received a handful of aftermarket goodies, including forced intake kits, sport tires and bigger pulleys that help improve improve the bike’s torque numbers at the rear wheel. These components are largely responsible for the bikes’ to perform those burnouts much easier than they should.

I’m not taking anything away from what Carbajal and Vertical did to burn the mess out of those rubber tires, but then again, they’re not actually riding standard Magnums either. It’s still fun to watch but if you’re thinking of replicating these burnouts on your Magnum baggers, there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t be able to get that much smoke out of your tires.


Source: Victory Motorcycles

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