Seeing the title image should tell you how. Idiots or no, four rich Brazilian guys calling themselves as the ‘Rainbow Bikers’ are upto some appalling stuff with their liter-class sportbikes. In a quest to create rainbows at their pool party, they decide to use their bike’s rear wheel do the job for them.

With four BMW S 1000 RR, all costing upwards of $15,995 a piece, they decided to dip the rear end of the bikes into the pool and hang them in balance at the exhaust belly panel. The tire is in contact with the water and by hitting the rev limiter, huge amounts of water gets displaced to form a big arc of water steam that ends up creating a rainbow in the sunlight.

Each of those bikes has a monster of a powerhouse which is an electrifying four-cylinder 998cc engine pumping out a 193bhp of power.

This aqua burn out stunt must have probably got them a lot of views on the internet, but critics did not leave them at it. They were criticized for letting the under panel get abused along with the engine crossing the redline for that long. Imagine if one of the wheels got traction. I could easily point out multiple things that could go wrong there.

This, folks, is what you should NOT be doing when you have a superbike at your disposal. Please.

Video: Watch 4 superbikes making a rainbow in the sky
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