It’s often been said that the best view of any sporting event is the one that puts you right in the middle of the action. If such is the case, British Superbike rider Tommy Bridewell might have just given us a perfect of example of that.

During the first round of the series at Donington Park last weekend, Bridewell decided to give viewers at home a belated look at what it looks like when you’re out on the track competing against your fellow riders.

No, he didn’t stick a GoPro on his helmet. What he did was put a rear-facing camera on board his Tyco BMW S1000RR so it could record the entire race. It’s not the kind of view we’re accustomed to seeing when we’re watching these races on television, but it’s still pretty cool, especially the way the video captures a handful of close collisions between Bridewell’s bike and the other riders competing in the race.

If you guys have the time, check out the video! It’s a little over 30 minutes long but I’m here to assure you that you won’t waste 30 minutes of your life watching it.


Source: YouTube - British Superbike

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