Learning to ride a bicycle can be a daunting task for young children, especially those with an innate fear of getting hurt. That’s a big reason why training wheels were invented. In this case, Stunt Asylum used the same principle in constructing this odd-looking contraption that will help riders, preferably of the adult variety with valid motorcycle licenses, learn how to perform something a tad more complicated than bicycles: a motorcycle stoppie.

We all know what a stoppie is, but for those who are unfamiliar with the term, it’s a stung wherein a motorcycle rider picks up speed with his bike before slamming the brakes really hard and then lifting the bike’s rear end so that the only part of the machine touching the ground is the front tire. That’s hard enough in its own right, but the real trick in performing a perfect stoppie is the balancing act that ensues. The longer you can balance your bike on that front rear, the better the stoppie is.

Clearly, not everybody can perform a stoppie on their first go. The process itself is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can push the brakes too hard and you spill off of your bike, or worse, you can overshoot your stoppie and end up rolling over your motorcycle.

This is where Stunt Asylum’s stoppie trainer comes into the picture. In a nutshell, the device is specifically designed to train stoppie neophytes using wheels on the front and stabilizers at the side for balance. There’s also a bar at the back that can adjust how high the bike’s rear end can go.

The whole device should come in handy for aspiring stunt riders and the best part is it doesn’t cost too much. For just under $400, you can own one of these contraptions and you could be on your way to becoming a more adept at stoppies.

Why it matters

I wanna preface what I’ll say by admitting that I’ve never performed a bonafide stoppie in my life. I may have done so in the past, but rest assured, it wasn’t intentional so I don’t really consider myself as an expert in this department.

That said, I actually think that this contraption has some promise to it if used properly. It helps that it was custom built specifically by Stunt Asylum, one of the UK’s foremost schools for wheelie and stoppie training. The school has a dedicated team of professional stunt riders who are well adept at teaching students the art of the wheelie and stoppie.

This device is one method by which Stunt Asylum trains its students so it did catch me a little by surprise when I heard that the school was actually selling these devices off. I don’t know if it’s going to bring its live training business down a notch or two, but you still have to appreciate the dedication the school has in trying to live up to its reputation.

Weird design notwithstanding, this wheelie training device could be a boon for young and aspiring stunt riders. I’d still prefer getting hands-on training from the aforementioned pro stunt riders, but I can’t argue against anybody who decides to take this route instead.

All in the name of learning how to stoppie, right?

Source: Stunt Asylum

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