Yamaha is no stranger to partaking in custom bike-building projects, having recently - and successfully, might I add - launched the Yard Built project. The success of the Yard Built project has compelled Yamaha to establish a new custom bike-building project. It’s called “Faster Sons,” and as the name implies, it’s a project that wants to showcase the depths of customization the company can dive into with its modern machinery.

You can say that it’s a dawn of a new age in the motorcycle industry wherein custom bikes are becoming more and more popular than they’ve ever been. Yamaha isn’t the only company capitalizing on this dynamic shift. BMW launched the R nineT Custom Contest and the same goes for Harley-Davidson’s Battle of the Kings.

Yamaha’s Faster Sons custom project is similar in concept to Yard Built. The only exception is its plant to customize newer models like the MT-07 and give it a retro-infused vice that’s apt for modern times. The first model treated to this custom build is the aforementioned MT-07, of which Japanese designer and builder Shinya Kimura had a hand in designing.

The result is nothing short of impressive. Even with the modern stylings attributed to the MT-07, Kimura was still able to infuse design elements from aircrafts that were flown back in the second World War.

The MT-07 is merely the first in a series of custom bike projects that will fall under Yamaha’s Faster Sons program. With Yamaha offering a full roster of models, it’s going to be interesting what model the Faster Sons program sets its sights on next. If it’s ok to make a suggestion, might I include the YZF-R1 into the mix?

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Why it matters

Custom-built bikes are becoming more and more popular these days. That’s especially true in today’s market wherein customers have become more and more sophisticated when it comes to creating custom-built motorcycles for themselves.

The launch of Faster Sons is Yamaha’s way of tapping into this growing market once again. But instead of working on classic Yamaha motorcycles like what its predecessor, Yard Built, focused on, Faster Sons’ custom targets are Yamaha bikes of the modern-day era.

If you think about it, Faster Sons is the perfect project to marry generations of style and performance into one modern package. The burgeoning popularity of custom-built, retro-inspired motorcycles is perfectly suited to the objectives of this new program, which seeks to blend the style of yesteryear with modern-day technology.

I’m completely on-board with this new initiative. Sure, it’s driven by an innate curiosity in seeing what Yamaha is capable of, but it’s also about the belief in the ever-expanding preferences of the modern-day motorcycle buyer.

Expect Yamaha to offer modding kits born out of the Faster Sons project sooner than later. That seems to have been the template Yamaha used with Yard-Built so there’s really no reason to steer away from a program that’s brought Yamaha tremendous success in the past.

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe

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