Back in February 2015, I brought to your attention an interesting bike concept Yamaha Corporation was developing as part of Project AH A MAY, a program that allowed two groups of designers to build something of the other’s expertise. Yamaha Corporation is of course famous for building musical instruments, among other things, so when they got the chance to build a motorcycle - the specialty of Yamaha Motor Co. - well, we know how that came out.

The bike is called the Yamaha Root and true to their intrepid creative minds, the designers from Yamaha Corp. really went and build something we haven’t seen before and quite frankly, may never see again. Really, the bike’s design speaks for itself. From the radical seat that looks more like a curved surfboard and extends all the way to the front of the bank to the reduced rear subframe, every thing about the Yamaha Root screamed unconventional.

Recently, Yamaha finally gifted us with a short teaser video of the Root and yes, it looks about as nutty now as it did when we all first saw it. Do yourself a favor and check out the video. Once you’re done, ask yourself if you’re going to ride a bike like that on the road.
I already know what my answer is: nope.


Source: Yamaha

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