We’ve had our fair share of "car vs bike" races in our pages so it’s safe to say that we’re not exactly foreign to the idea that these races sometimes have surprising results. There are even some cases where the protagonists in question aren’t what you’d expect to be engaging in fun if not dangerous races like this.

Take this video for example. While the bike - a Yamaha R1 - has the resume to be considered a contender in any such “car vs bike” race, its opponent - a Volkswagen Golf Mk 1 - doesn’t inspire that much fear in a straight-on race on a highway.

But this isn’t your ordinary Golf Mk 1. Sure, it may look like it’s been through its usual course of wear and tear, but underneath that hood lies a 2.0-liter engine that’s being whipped around by a Garrett GTX4202R turbocharger, generating a staggering 49 psi of boost in the process. It’s also been kitted with a 4Motion all-wheel system and a set of 17-inch Porsche wheels, ensuring that it can sprint off the block without the slightest hint of a conscience.

The result is expected when you know what the R1 is dealing with. There aren’t a lot of Volkswagens that can claim the capacity to leave a Yamaha R1 eating its dust. But like I said, this isn’t your ordinary Volkswagen.

This particular Golf Mk 1 is a monster hiding in sheep’s clothing.


Source: YouTube

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