I’ve ridden my motorcycle countless times amidst traffic and under the sweltering heat of the sun. What I can’t remember is finding myself being flocked by a group of beautiful women in bunny costumes, wiping sweat away from my forehead and offering a few sips from their water jugs. I can only imagine the look of surprise these Thai riders had when they found themselves in that same position as I had just described.

The whole stunt was the brainchild of Yamaha Thailand, which thought that the idea of
having the equivalent of Playboy bunnies looking or Yamaha riders while prancing around the streets of Bangkok in full bunny garb was a good idea.

You won’t find too many arguments from me on that end.

The beautiful Yamaha bunnies - can I call them that? - certainly did their part in stopping traffic and causing quite a commotion. That usually happens when you dress the way they did, but they didn’t just stop at hopping around the streets. They also found time to flirt with Yamaha riders on the street, most of whom were as confused about the shenanigans as the people around time who were capturing the moments in all of their flirtatious glory on their smartphones.

I feel bad for the men who weren’t riding Yamahas when this stunt happened. You can see the look of envy on their faces as the Yamaha riders were getting all the attention from all of these beautiful women. I’d be jealous, too, you know.

So congratulations to the lucky few who seemingly had all their dreams come true in a matter of seconds. Kind of makes you wonder if riding Yamahas was all it took for these dreams to be realized.


Source: Yamaha

Kirby Garlitos
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