The dawn of a new age has arrived, or at least that’s what Yamaha wants you to think after pulling the covers off of a pair of new concepts it’s touting as the future of scooters.
The concepts, filed under the name “03GEN”, are actually three-wheeled scooters that the House of Iwata is showcasing to give us a brief glimpse of what we think we can expect from the company in the near future.

Details are scant on the two prototypes, but this 51-second video does give us brief glimpses of both models, dubbed the “03GEN-f” and the “03GEN-x”.

According to Yamaha, the 03GEN-f is the more aesthetically cutting-edge of the two concepts. The sporty panels and the aggressive front cowl lends to that perception, as do
the polished silver and pearl white colors that adorn the prototype.

On the other hand, the 03GEN-x is the more rugged of the two, designed to be a three-wheeler that riders can take anywhere, be it within urban jungles or roads that lead to beaten paths.

Personally, I like the look of the 03GEN-f more than the 03GEN-x, but that doesn’t mean that the latter doesn’t have its own endearing qualities. The x-shaped headlight is a nice touch and the two front wheels are separated far enough that they actually look like two front wheels that function independently of the other.

I’m sure some people will have their own opinions of the two concepts that will be different from mine. But that’s what Yamaha wants to happen. It doesn’t care which one people like more, just as long as they’re talking about them.

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