The Yamaha Tricity is a weird enough scooter on its own, but once you give a (sort of) Mad Max-type customization, it really turns into a real piece of work. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is probably up to the eye of the beholder.

Japan’s RocketNews24 did just that and as expected, the Mad Max-ified Tricity is a sight to behold. Before I dive into the details of the customization program, I want to emphasize that the Tricity isn’t really a scooter in a traditional sense. Rather, it’s a three-wheeled scooter that employs two front wheels, working in harmony thanks to a parallelogram-link mechanism that allows riders to lean into corners the way they would in a traditional scooter.

To be fair, RocketNews24 didn’t even bother messing with the Tricity’s mechanicals. It left it alone and instead concentrated on giving the scooter a more aggressive appearance that would fit right in on any Mad Max setting. For instance, the standard metallic red color was discarded in favor of a Mad Black matte paint because it sets the tone towards adding all the spiky hubris to follow. A metal grille is always a requirement for any Mad Max vehicle and the Tricity has that too, taking up the real estate previously occupied by the windscreen. Don’t ask me why the latter was taken out, but if I were to guess, it just might too “safe” for Mad Max’s style. Both front wheels were also given added protection in the form of larger plastic fenders that actually have a series of holes in them to simulate a weaponized feature on an actual Mad Max bike.

It might also help in the whole transformation for the rider to take up a similar custom that involves a leather suit with the obligatory studs and spikes, a gnarly and spiked helmet that opens up at the top to make space for a bright orange mohawk and a sawn-off faux shotgun that’s actually a selfie stick in its previous incarnation.

There’s absolutely nothing about this Yamaha Tricity that can be classified as “normal”. But was there anything about Mad Max that falls under the same description?

All told, it was a successful build if only because the normal parameters of what our expectations would have been doesn’t exist in this bike. Really, that’s a good thing, right?


Source: RocketNews24

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