I know every one of your reading this article wished you could take the superbike out to the track and take the curve like a boss. Few of you might get lucky, but for the rest of us, there is the LeanGP simulator. A Spanish startup product that has created a unique motorcycling simulator for the average consumer.

Started as a Kickstarter campaign, the product reached its target in just 48 hours and soon became the first company to offer a motorcycle simulator for the masses offering a fun new way into video gaming.

It is a foldable LeanGP prototype that works with MotoGP17, Ride, Ride2, GP Bikes and the newly released Tourist Trophy Ride on the Edge across PC, XBOX ONE and PS4. Currently, the simulator handles only acceleration and braking. For the future, you will also get the simulator with clutch, a gear change lever, a rear foot brake, forced-feedback engine (to simulate G-force).

Each simulator retails at €1199 ($1500). It’s time to sign that checkbook of yours and clear the area in your living.

Video: Your chance to bend it like Rossi Products
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Video: Your chance to bend it like Rossi Products
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