• Vins and their brand-new electric sportsbike prototype: the EV-01

It is powered by a Zero Motorcycle powertrain, and has three riding modes

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The Italian manufacturer, Vins, is a pretty new entry into the world of two-wheels and is made up of ex-Ferrari F1 designers who love playing the techie God. Why? Because they managed to make the Duecinquanta, a 250cc 2-stroke carbon-fiber sportsbike with Euro-IV compliancy.

Now, they are in the pursuit of speed with an electric mill instead and have been busy working on their prototype. Making use of Zero Motorcycle’s biggest powertrain bolted under the Duecinquanta chassis, they announced the EV-01—short for “Electric Vins.” It is a 70hp sportsbike that is powered by a 14.4 kWh battery pack “that aims at the lightness, sustainability and technology innovation in perfect Vins’s style.”.

Vins and their brand-new electric sportsbike prototype: the EV-01 Exterior
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Just like manufacturers trying to capture the essence of the 90s’ in their retro-classic designs these days, Vins also gives this EV-01 clear shapes and smooth volumes to achieve a perfect match between past, modern, and future.

At just around 374 lbs, it may not be the best looking quarter-liter fully-faired electric bike, but it sure is the lightest one. The entire frame and body are made up of carbon-fiber monocoque setup, making it lightweight and rigid. Large intakes that used to flank beside the headlights to feed the small radiators hidden behind the front wheels are omitted to make things uncluttered.

Vins and their brand-new electric sportsbike prototype: the EV-01 Exterior
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Attending the party also are the innovative carbon fiber fork set up replacing the Hossack-style forks, a carbon swingarm that gets a transverse-mounted monoshock via a pushrod, and Dymag carbon-fiber wheels. The faux fuel tank now has an accessible service compartment and the battery charger plug.

The ZF75-5 engine will have enough juice to make a little more than 70hp pf power and a 110 lb-ft of torque with a claimed top speed of 125 mph. It will come with three different maps: Sport for the maximum power, Eco for battery load save, and Custom where one can play around with the settings of torque output, power, and energy recovery. All of this can also be changed via a dedicated smartphone app.

Vins and their brand-new electric sportsbike prototype: the EV-01 Exterior
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Vins confirms that the recharge times will be around 10hrs from a standard three-pin plug. Additionally, a 6kW optional Charge Tank increases charging speeds to just around two hours (0-95%). Nonetheless, this fast charger is only compatible with over 14,000 Level 2 EV charging stations around the world and with the home charging stations installed at your place.

Pricing and availability are still scarce.

Powertrain Zero motorcycle
Max capacity ≈14 kWh
Max power >70 hp
Max torque >110 lb-ft
Top speed ≈125 mph
Chassis structural carbon fiber monocoque
Castor angle 23° adjustable
Wheelbase 1.380 mm
Front suspension double A-arm with monoshock absorber and carbon fiber fork
Rear suspension double actuation push-rod parallel with monoschock absorber; carbon fiber swingarm
Brakes 300 mm double disc with radial caliper, rear 220 mm single disc with single caliper
Wheels 120/70 -17” - 160/60-17”
Weight ≤170 kg
Charge time (standard) 9.8 hours (100%) – 9.3 hours (95%)
*with charge tank option 2.5 hours (100%) - 2 hours (95%)
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