• Vintage Yezdi poised to make a grand comeback

Yezdi . com goes live

With the craze of the vintage designs and brands taking mainstage in the industry currently, another forgotten Indian brand, Yezdi, is having a grand comeback in the most modern fashion and will join the likes of Ariel, Levis, Brough, Hesketh, Matchless, and Norton. Thanks to the Indian auto major Mahindra and Mahindra’s subsidiary, Classic Legends Pvt Ltd. (CLPL) that purchased the iconic British biker BSA Motorcycles rights to the JAWA brand (whose sister company is the Yezdi).

While we know that it would take at the least a couple of years to see their first iterations of what is touted as ‘The grand revival’, Mahindra has gone ahead and launched the official Yezdi.com website. It pays homage to those twin exhaust pipes of the Yezdis of yore and will take us through the brand’s rich history and magnificent heritage of the classic motorcycles.

Vintage Yezdi poised to make a grand comeback
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Tagged as the “Yezdi’s of India Project”, the website aims at giving us aphrodisiacs a nostalgia trip on the brand’s heritage and stories of old customers that gave it the name and fame it is praised with. Stories include of an India trio called as SAS who rode the American Coast-coast on their Yezdis’ and a stalwart who made it his bread and butter fixing up these machines for 51 years.

It is a strong urge to go to the website and read such magical stories and much more to come (10,000 more be precise). It also has a space that gives you a brief take on the five Yezdi models JAWA made in India along with their specifications.

Vintage Yezdi poised to make a grand comeback
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After the strong stunt from the 50’s till the 90’s, Jawa motorcycles were a thing to own and be proud of. Then came the Yezdi with a 250cc twin-cylinder which was featured in almost every cult Indian Cinema ridden by the protagonist and the villains. Unfortunately, they were phased out and became a collector’s item.

We don’t know how Mahindra will take advantage of the acquisitions of history’s iconic brands. Nonetheless, reviving itself to be a lifestyle brand, Mahindra will manufacture Jawa bikes at its Pithampur plant and work for this is already underway. It is said to be showcased later this year and should hit the Indian roads post-launch.

Vintage Yezdi poised to make a grand comeback
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Hoping Mahindra could bring in the same quality of sharpness and calibration, typical of the British motorcycle of a time that was! Luckily for us, the Czech Republic leg of the brand has already launched the JAWA 350 Retro and the JAWA 660 Vintage in the Czech country that is built on elements of the JAWA 350 for design cues.

Of course, we hope for a true “renaissance” here, perhaps with tapping the opportunity to re-enter the market with due seriousness and quality that the brand deserves and give enthusiasts joy of owning a legendary brand and becoming a part of both BSA’s and JAWA’s rich history. Only time will tell us if Mahindra can actually revive these brands to its original glory, given the fact that two-stroke motors will never return. Sad

Vintage Yezdi poised to make a grand comeback
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