Created by a Canadian company suggestively named Bombardier, the Embrio Advanced Concept plans on being bombarded starting with 2008 onto the city streets as a small, light, easy to ride and, most of all, fun unicycle.

It may look strange and futuristic, but the first thing a buyer would know even before it would get on it is the fact that this commuting solution generates no emissions as it has an electric motor that runs on hydrogen power. Does it say “Rotax”? Nice!

Visionary Company Presents the Embrio Advanced Concept
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2008 Bombardier Embrio Advanced Concept

But once you do get on its seat you won’t feel strange at all. It is all due to the fact that its designers intended to offer the riding position with which riders are used to from the two-wheelers that by 2025 will be out of fashion in the company’s vision.

It is a two-seater so a system of gyroscopes and sensors are placed in order to keep the bike balanced properly, but when things slow down below 12.5mph a pair of wheels will keep it nice and steady.

Its attempt to “copy” the classic motorcycle is also successful when it comes to acceleration, braking, cornering and accelerating yet again. It all happens like on the usual bikes, only that they are now called triggers. Leaning would seem a bit tricky. Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt related to the balancing system, but how much would you lean on such a machine?

Visionary Company Presents the Embrio Advanced Concept
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2008 Bombardier Embrio Advanced Concept
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