• Volkswagen’s commercial uses riders to promote its new Side Assist Safety Technology

    Side Assist Safety Technology

Volkswagen is not currently building any motorcycle, but this doesn’t mean that motorcycle riders aren’t among its concerns.

The company has recently launched a commercial video to promote its new Side Assist Safety Technology which is a smart system designed to reduce the number of crashes caused by drivers who don’t check their mirrors with maximum attention before changing lanes.

Statistics say that motorcycle riders are usually the most affected road users by this lack of attention, so there is no wonder why Volkswagen decided to use them as an example.

This new technology uses a set of small leds placed on the mirror to announce the driver that it is not safe to change the lanes. Moreover, apart from the visual signal, the system also sends an audio alarm just to be sure that the driver gets the message.

Like any safety system, this technology is welcomed and we think that it can improve dramatically the safety of riders.

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