• Voxan Motorcycles Hits The Salt For A New Speed Record

World Champion Racer Max Biaggi Pilots The Voxan Wattman For The Attempt

Electric-motorcycle brand Voxan under the Venturi umbrella sets its sights on a world electric-motorcycle speed record in Bolivia. Slated for a run in August 2020 on the Voxan Wattman, world champion motorcycle racer Max Biaggi was in Monaco taking part in ergonomics testing and 3D scans in preparation for what could be a historic milestone for Voxan and electric motorcycles. Biaggi will attempt to best the current record of 203.58 mph.

Venturi, Voxan, and Biaggi In A Venture To Break The Record

Voxan Motorcycles Hits The Salt For A New Speed Record
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Mr. Gildo Pastor, president of Venturi Automobiles and owner of the Voxan subsidiary, teamed up with Italian World Champion racer Max Biaggi in an attempt to break the current world record for EV-bikes. Presently, the number to beat is 205 mph (330 km/h), and while that may not be all that impressive for the smoker-bike sector, it’s quite a feat for a battery-powered machine. The specifics for this bracket are as follows; the entry must be an “electric motorcycle propelled by the action of one wheel in contact with the ground, partially streamlined, and under 661 pounds (300 kg).

“I’ve known Max for 15 years, and we share the same values and passions,” says Pastor. “Today sees us reunited on a project close to both our hearts, and one which brings us a little closer together. It’s an honour to entrust the Voxan Wattman to a rider who has made his mark on the history of motorcycle racing. To take part in this ambitious adventure and, perhaps, write the names of Venturi and Voxan in the annals of history, it just had to be Max! Reaching 330 km/h represents a huge challenge for a motorcycle in this category, but I am very confident. My faith in high-performance electro-mobility has not wavered in 20 years!”

The Voxan Wattman: Built To Break Speed Records

Voxan Motorcycles Hits The Salt For A New Speed Record
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The weapon of choice for the land speed record attempt is the Voxan Wattman designed by Sacha Lakic, and it looks much like smoker land speed-record competitors with a long, streamlined front end and complete body enclosure. Needless to say; this machine bears but a passing resemblance to the street-legal production bikes we see on public roads, but that’s not a surprise, really.

Next summer, the team will head down to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia for the attempt to beat the current record of 203.58 mph set back in 2013 by Jim Hoogerhyde on a Lightning SB220. The date of the next attempt is significant for the brand as it marks the 20-year anniversary for parent-company. Venturi Automobiles, which has its own accomplishments that include the current electric land-speed record set by the Venturi Buckeye Bullet at 341 mph (549 km/h), also holds the longest range without assistance at 9,258 miles (14,900 km), the first-ever electric crossing of South-East Africa over 3,603 miles (5,800 km)without assistance, and the first electric polar explorer that operated in Antarctica in temps as low as -58 degrees F (-50 C).

“Exceed 330km/h. In terms of design, my mission is to serve this purpose,” says Lakic. “On a motorbike, much more than on any other machine, the driver and the bike are one. The sketch of Wattman is racy, fluid and minimalist, as if each element of its bodywork were carved by the wind. To go beyond established records, to look for one’s own limits and those of a machines’ are dreams that humans have pursued since the very first rolling or flying machines came to be. This is a modern technological adventure and a unique experience that many people dream of. But to test the limits, is also a great human and spiritual adventure. Since 2001, with Venturi Automobiles, Gildo has paved the way for modern electric mobility with many avant-garde projects of which I have had the pleasure to be a part of. We will meet this new challenge, the Wattman, with the same passion and the same visionary desire. With Gildo at the helm of the technical team and Max at the handlebars, I don’t have any doubts about the positive outcome of this great adventure that is about to start.”

“I’ve always loved a challenge,” adds Biaggi. “When my friend Gildo Pastor came to me with his plan for the world land speed record and the Voxan Wattman, I was obviously going to say yes. Gildo is both an expert and a pioneer in the field of electric mobility. Under his impetus, Venturi Automobiles has set a number of records and marked a host of world firsts. I’m proud that I will be taking this new step in my career under the colors of Voxan and Venturi, with whom I’ve already started work. The engineers and designers from the R&D department are driven by an extremely motivating sense of determination. Breaking through the 330 km/h mark together with this machine ’Made in Monaco’ will provide even more evidence of the group’s expertise in this field.”

Electric Bikes Are Coming Into Their Own

Voxan Motorcycles Hits The Salt For A New Speed Record
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No doubt about it; electric bikes are coming into their own and starting to put pressure on the internal-combustion-engine sector with ever-increasing ranges and speeds along with faster charge times. Convenience and practicality are front-burner issues, but the genre has reached the point where it’s putting up some serious top-speed numbers, and that brings us to the news coming from the Monaco-based Voxan brand.

Why does it matter? Well, the electric-bike genre is still struggling for mainstream acceptance, and turning in performance numbers like this will likely make it appeal to the most demanding buyer base on two wheels – the stupidfast category – because to some people, nothing says “fun” quite like being able to do more than twice the legal speed limit with naught but a twist of the wrist. I have to admire Mr. Pastor’s ambition, not only for the raw speed he seeks to achieve but for his promotion of displaced-footprint transportation.

Will they do it? Time will tell, but the fact that they’re publicly discussing it means that the movers and shakers behind the scenes are confident in their chances on the salt. Yes indeed sports fans, it’s an exciting time for proponents of electric vehicles. (I’m still waiting for a hovering speederbike a la Return of the Jedi...)

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