There was a point in time when the Voxan Wattman represented the future of electric motorcycles. It was a mesmerizing prototype that dropped a lot of jaws at the 2013 Paris Motorcycle Show with promises of producing 200 horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to hit 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds.

Well, consider the Wattman dream shattered because the company behind the ambitious motorcycle has decided to drop the project altogether.

If you remember, Gildo Pastor, the same man who acquired niche car brand Venturi, made a similar acquisition of Voxan in 2010 with promises to revive the brand and turn it into a premium electric motorcycle company. The adventure started off on the right foot as the company was able to build the aforementioned prototype and showcase it at the 2013 Paris Motorcycle Show.

But things soon took a turn for the worse for Pastor, who himself had to go through the death of his mother and his own personal health issues. The two events are rumored to have been the death knell for the ambitious Wattman project.

It is a little sad to think that a bike that had so much promise and was actually close to completion would get the rug pulled from under it in the last minute. But I’m not hear to judge someone’s intentions for scrapping something he didn’t believe was worth the trouble anymore.

That said, it would’ve been nice to see the Voxan Wattman in full production form. That’s unlikely to happen now, but the industry has also taught us never to close the door on anything.

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Why it matters

I knew it was too good to be true and yet, I still believed that the Voxan Wattman would someday become a reality. Shame on me, I guess.

That said, I can’t really blame Pastor for dropping the project when it was presumably close to the finish line. I can’t speak for his intentions so I’m not going to even try. What I do know is that the Wattman’s not going to make any heads turn soon.

Now, does that mean that the project has been scrapped forever?

There’s a part of me that thinks it has, but there’s also a part of me that’s still clinging to hope that the Whitman project will resurface at some point in the future. What’s evident is that Pastor won’t be at the helm of it, if it does come back.

According to multiple reports, he’s know devoting his full time and resources into chasing land speed records and participating in whatever capacity in electric cars racing. That’s on top of his other obligation as the Consul of Monaco in New York, accord to Le Repaire des Motards.

We can still hope that another investor can pick up where Pastor left off. The project is after all supposedly in its final stages so there shouldn’t be much work left to be done to get the whole thing up and running again.

But I’m not going to put all my eggs in that basket. That’s setting myself up for another round of disappointment, something I know I can live without.

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