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Going all the way down to the bars

Dragging your elbow down had no real purpose really. It did not give speed nor balance. All it did was to make the rider look good. Achieving insane lean angles of up to 64 degrees, MotoGP riders have made this a phenomenon, and everyone else just loves to show off their newfound skill.

If you are trying yourself to do the same, why not take it a step higher? Here is Jimmy Hill, Andy DiBrino, and Alan Birtwistle going full Hooligan on the all-new electric 2018 Redshift MXR Motocross.

Introducing the all new sensations trick: The Bar down.

The Brisbane, California based Alta Motors designs and manufactures the most advanced electric motorcycles in the industry. Starting in 2010, the firm has come a long way in establishing itself building bikes that prove to be better off-roaders than the petrol-powered counterparts.

The 2018 Redshift MXR Motocross model ups the ante in all departments and adds a significant change with its electronics package and battery-motor combo. It boasts of more power, less weight, better recharge times, and better heat management to keep the competition in check.


Alta Motors Redshift MXR

Alta Motors dropped a powerful new Redshift MXR Exterior
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