And it is built by a 70 year old chap

I’m sure all of us turned into a small kid bursting saliva bubbles whenever we came across the mighty big Y2K and its exhaust note. Obviously, who wouldn’t love to hear the Rolls-Royce Allison 250-series gas turbine engine (usually found in, erm, helicopters) roaring under this two-wheeled glory.

Here is one another such gas powered bike that has just been restored from its grave. Built by an over 70 years old builder knows as Arlen Ness, he made use of a helicopter engine and retro-fitted to his "Mach Ness" superbike.

In this clip, you can hear the bike starting with a sweet whining of the engine that builds up to a monstrous flame-spitting behemoth. The flames go from blue to hot red to literally chucking out chunks of flame particles from the chimney sized exhaust, enough to burn you and your car if you make the mistake of tailgating it.

The two large batteries see in the picture feed the starter power but also an additional electric motor that drives the motorcycle at more frequent services. This bike was recently given a makeover and the owner will be more than proud to show-off his chimneys throwing up flames and making the sound of a demon.

The guys who made the Y2K machine are now coming up with another creation that is said to surpass even the Y2K’s performance and clitter clatter. A massive Turbine Super(Hypert)bike that will churn out a colossal 420 hp and 500 ft/lbs.

It will be called as "The MTT 420RR (Race Ready)". How fast will it go? “Faster Than You Will Ever Dare To Go,” says MTT. A claimed, if yet unproven, top speed of 275 mph is what we expect out of it at the least.

Watch a resurrected gas turbine powered demon start-up Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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