Watch: Are Road Racers The Best Riders in the World?
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Watch: Are Road Racers The Best Riders in the World?

On-Board Lap of the Isle Of Man TT Course is Just Insane!

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The Isle of Man TT is the most famous motorcycle race in the world. Over the past 104 years, man and machine have thrown themselves into battle against the 37.75 mile circuit in the pursuit of glory. There have been many on-board laps filmed, but this one showing Guy Martin chasing Michael Dunlop for a full lap is mesmerising and hypnotic, not to mention terrifying. They make MotoGP riders look like risk-averse fairies!

Road Racers; Are They Mad?

Watch: Are Road Racers The Best Riders in the World?
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The Isle of Man TT
Madness on two wheels? 37.75 mile lap. Average speed 135mph. Lap time now under 16 minutes

Road racing, as practised in Ireland at races such as the Southern 200, Cookstown 100 and Ulster grand Prix, to name but a few, and at the Isle of Man TT races, is not for the faint of heart, whether racing or spectating! The very nature of the circuits they race on, made up of normal, everyday roads with scant concession to safety, make MotoGP circuits look boring by comparison and the riders who compete in road races make MotoGP riders look like risk-averse fairies.

Watch: Are Road Racers The Best Riders in the World?
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One Mile After the Start
You’ve gone from 0 - 190mph and back to 15mph in the space of about 40 seconds and now you’re accelerating back up to 190mph as quick as you can

The most famous road race is, of course, the Isle of Man TT. For over 100 years men - and women - and machines have been pitting themselves against 37.75 miles of ordinary country roads at extraordinary speeds. Many have lost their lives but many more have taken the course and bent it to their will to survive and, in exceptional cases, win.

There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for an on-board, rider’s viewpoint of a lap of the TT. With average speeds now reaching 135mph and lap times under 17 minutes, the sensation as you watch the lap unfold in front of you is hypnotic.

This particular video might be a few years old but it shows you in unsparing detail just how fast and committed you have to be to complete even one lap of the course, let along 4 or 6 (depending on the race) without backing off one tenth of an inch on the throttle. In a word, it is terrifying!

Watch: Are Road Racers The Best Riders in the World?
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Kirkmichael Village
On Any other day, you’d be breaking the law at 35mph. On race day, you’re nudging 190mph down the narrow main street, with houses butting right onto the road

The on-board camera is mounted on Guy Martin’s bike and he is chasing Michael Dunlop after they have both pitted for fuel and a new rear tyre. We pick up the action as they leave pit lane and, from that moment on, it just doesn’t stop for 17 mesmerising minutes. There are many on-board lap videos of the TT course, but this one showing one rider chasing another gives a new perspective to the commitment needed.

If you thought you were good on a bike, then maybe watch this and be humbled by men who are seemingly capable of removing their brains for an hour and a half, in the name of racing.


Source: Guy Martin vs. Michael Dunlop Isle of Man TT Races

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