Triumph’s adventure model finally finds its home

For some people, adventure is about finding your way through the unknown to see things no one has and doing things most haven’t is a savor best felt. But unless you plan on walking, you need the right tool to get there.

This man here seems to have just the right one. the Triumph Tiger 800 XC. The range starting model in the ‘Tiger’ lineup of dual-purpose motorcycles from Triumph. Built with excellent craftsmanship and brilliant technical innovations wrapped in a very simplistic and affordable looking package, the Triumph Tiger 800 XC intends to be one perfect motorcycle to fulfill your wildest of desires when you are on a motorcycle.

Watch him ride the Tiger the way it was supposed to Screenshots / Gameplay
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Everyone on the face of this planet enjoys living the adventure life. Few have made it their life and the rest envy such people. Then there is this guy, who is seen taking his Triumph for a ride to his desire with no inhibitions whatsoever.

Man and machine are seen traversing the toughest of terrains that includes mud, grass, rocks, ergs and everything inhumane. You see the cliff there - one misjudgment and the rider could end up falling off the ledge and that is not a risk worth taking. But as they say "what is worth leading a life without taking risks."

Watch him ride the Tiger the way it was supposed to Screenshots / Gameplay
- image 741762

Maybe that is precisely the kicks one would want to feel when they throw a leg on the adventure bikes. What is the point if you buy such a motorcycle otherwise?

For now though, watch this video, and maybe it will make you think of getting away from this computer screen and go for that longing ride.

As regularly updating their line-ups go, Triumph is most probably giving us a new Tiger for the 2018 range and will boast of having ’Transformed’, with a ’New Tiger Triple Engine’ and ’New Tiger Technology’. Apart from this, few industry sources also quote that Triumph will just be giving all the Tigers mild updates to look fresh for 2018.

After their Bonneville range, it’s the Tiger models that give the British brand their numbers. So much that Triumph feels no inhibitions with having 17 different models in the line-up that carry 800 cc and 1215 cc engine mods.

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