The Honda Super Cub - factory to showrrom

Serving 100 million happy customers is a well-achieved milestone for any business, and no other manufacturer but Honda could have made it seem this easy. Being the first two-wheeler to cross such a mark is the Japanese Red Wing’s Super Cub that began its life way back in 1958.

As a matter of fact, 2018 bears a distinct significance for the Super Cub, marking its 60th anniversary. And to commemorate this Honda has released a video showcasing the journey from the factory to the showroom floors

The moped is being made at 16 plants spread across 15 countries around the world that serves customers in more than 160 countries. That is some mind-boggling numbers considering the popularity and logistics involved with the Super Cub.

Over the year, the Japanese fine-tuned the Super Cub to evolve with the generations, and yet the basic concept has remained unchanged since the introduction of the first-generation, and its original style has been carried forward even to current models. This iconic design even managed to become the first one ever to obtain a three-dimensional trademark registration in Japan.

Watch the birth of the highest selling two wheeler in the world
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Now for 2017, Honda has given the Super Cub its brand new update and brings back the round design, feature LED lights for the first time in the Super Cub series. Mashing advanced technologies with traditional Super Cub styling, Honda has not forgotten to look back at their past to go forward.

The 2017 model line-up consists of the Super Cub 50, Super Cub 110, Super Cub 50 Pro and Super Cub 110 Pro all of which have been revamped. They get fresh color options, modern fuel injected single-cylinder 49cc engine making 3.7 hp and 110 cc unit with 8 hp.

Watch the birth of the highest selling two wheeler in the world
- image 753856
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