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This is how they might look if it becomes a reality

The current S1000RR held the throne of being the most proficient machine in the liter class superbike segment in terms of technical prowess and the entire package for a long time now. But the German maker hasn’t had any footfall in the mid-segment supersport arena because they pretty much did not give a damn.

But imagining them do it is going to bring a lot of sleepless nights to the Japanese players who have taken the top slots to the throne in the 600 cc segment. There are no official word or snippets from anywhere suggesting this might happen, but this did not stop our friend Nicolas Petit to sketch a few potent machines that can come out of the Beemer factory gates.

What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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They say that the mid-segment supersport segment is a dying breed, but I say it is a bullish argument to make since the few blokes in the industry who believe that the idea of the 600s’ is vanishing are all drunk on booze. The main reason for them to rant was the departing of Honda’s famous CBR600RR, with no supersport replacement in sight, and the global recession playing a significant role in it for them not developing one.

But faith was restored by the other Japanese honchos with machines like the Yamaha YZF-R6, Kawasaki ZX-6R and Suzuki GSX-R600 having raked up great sales and have been ruling the segment ever since. But how would you like a BMW badged 600cc machine entering the competition?

What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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BMW S675 Race

BMW is not some run of the mill company. It has one of the most prestigious history books, and for nearly a century, they have been making impeccable products that beam innovation and technological acumen. If these guys do decide to crank up one, we have a vague idea of how they might look. Thanks to the French designer Nicolas Petit.

A brand-new S675RR supersport based out of yet another brand-new three mill 675cc just like as the Triumph Daytona and MV Agusta F3. “Because a 4-cylinder makes it a little too Jap.” Visually, it resembles the Bavarian’s flagship, the S1000RR, but gets sharper lines and an imposing fresh image. The result is a machine as muscular as a shark, and that also comes in a version Race, R, and XR.

What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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The Race spec looks much like the brand’s hyper sports machine, the HP4 Race, with stylishly chiseled bodywork that can cut through anything that comes in front and comes equipped with top-spec components of Ohlins’, Akrapovics’ and Brembos’. The 675cc engine is tuned to be more potent, and with the help of the lightweight carbon-fiber panels and fenders and slick rubber, this thing could easily be the mid-segment rocket.

The ‘R’ variant also takes design cues from the liter-class naked, the S 1000R. This mid-segment streetfighter comes sans fairings making it lighter than the RR model. But still manages to maintain the muscular stance, better than the competition. Higher handlebar also makes the riding position more neutral than the aggressive RR.

What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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Then there is the more comfortable offering in the form of the XR. It gets bikini fairings and a more upright riding position. The pillion also now can sit comfortably with the elongated rear saddle giving ample support. The XR also receives an electronic windshield to protect the rider from the harsh weather battering on those long hauls.

We don’t know of this making it to reality, but the liter-class is. The BMW S1000RR was a best seller in the USA for BMW Motorrad. She is now, at eight years old, missing a few exquisite equipment list and sorts of electronic wizardry that adorns the modern 2018 competition like the Fireblades’, Ninjas’, R1s’ and the GSXs’. They are faster, lighter and cleverer than ever before and could easily clip off the S 1000 RR one by one. Luckily, BMW says enough is enough and are readying a machine that could spell out being the Pinnacle of German Engineering.

What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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What if BMW makes a mid-segment supersports? Drawings
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Source: Nicolas Petit

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