Six car brands that can give the current players a run for their money

I know what you are thinking. Companies like Honda, BMW, Suzuki, and Peugeot are already making both cars and motorcycles. They have successfully managed both the shows and show no signs of aging or trouble to either one because of the other. Yamaha is also trying to get a piece of the four-wheeled world with ‘The Sports Ride’ concept.

But what if exotic car makers like McLaren, Mustang, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce made motorcycles? It would be awesome, of course, but how would they look like? Well, we might have an answer to that. Thanks to the chaps at Jennings Harley-Davidson, a dealership with shops in both Leeds and Gateshead in the UK.

They’ve designed six absolutely bonkers motorcycle concepts that distill visual cues and character of what the company actually makes.

1. McLaren Sportbike

What if these car companies made motorcycles? Exterior
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Being a top European sports car manufacturer, McLaren knows a thing or two about looking pretty and going fast. Since those are its best suites, it was naturally rendered to make a fast-paced superbike that came with a full fairing and a front cowl that borrows the face of the recently launched 720S.

The twin headlamp setup gives away the idea of being a mean machine, and the McLaren ‘Papaya Orange’ paintjob keeps the ties with the coloring philosophy. The 720 hp car can pull the 0-60 in under three seconds, and so can this Sportbike we reckon.

2. Mustang Chopper

What if these car companies made motorcycles? Exterior
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American muscle. That is exactly what the Ford Mustang stood for 60 years ago, and it still does today. What could have possibly given a tribute to this iconic muscle concept? It wouldn’t be anything else but another iconic American dream, the Chopper.

You get a laid-back, low and rebellious riding done on a comfy seat and a huge handlebar mounted fairings which look like the mask of ‘Batman’ add to the gigantic stature of this motorcycle. Mustang-derived headlamp setup is spot-on, and the bodywork receives smooth creases and lines all-over. Colossal tires upfront keeps the muscular look in check.

3. Porsche Cafe Racer

What if these car companies made motorcycles? Exterior
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The thing about Porsche is, they love looking vintage. Take their most iconic car for example, the 911. It has seldom changed much since its beginning and is still responsible for giving the best driving pleasure to its customers. It’s fast, agile and fun over short distances. And so are the Café-Racers.

Best known for its speed, handling abilities and quick rides over short distances, the 911 inspired Porsche Café Racer keeps the vintage-yet-modern appeal of the 911 intact with the front cowl honing the iconic headlight unit. The curves seen on the car is visible even on the fuel tank and other bodywork.

Most importantly, the boxer engine shows excellent tribute to the German brand’s choice of architecture. 911 inspired wheels to add to the nostalgia effect.

4. Renault Scooter

What if these car companies made motorcycles? Exterior
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Coming from France, Renault loves making nimble little cars that can take you around the small cobbled streets of the fashion capital of the world. The French know how to make picturesque and stylish designs and are reflected in their cars in recent times.

The Renault scooter has the ability to make you an overnight star. The retro stance of the scooter has been perfectly sculpted with some very cool looking bodywork tethered to futuristic design bits and features, giving the scooter a very elusive appeal. That wide and long red seat are enough for anyone to fall in love with this.

5. Rolls-Royce Bagger

What if these car companies made motorcycles? Exterior
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This right here is the cream of the crop and is heading to raise the bar for comfort, convenience, power, style, and most important of all, craftsmanship. Just like the Rolls-Royce Phantom, a luxury yacht currently in its eighth generation. The natural progression to such a car would definitely be a luxury bagger.

Bright, brash and power are what is oozing out when you have a look at this sumptuous monolith. Knowing it’s being made by RR, there wouldn’t be a higher level of luxury available on two wheels. The imposing front gets huge grill and fender that comes with the symbol of luxury, the flying lady jewel. Hidden underneath all that bodywork is another powerful creation that can propel even such a stature to rocket speeds.

Given all this comfort and class-leading features, be sure to find it in the garages of royals and rock stars alike.

6. Land Rover Dirt Bike

What if these car companies made motorcycles? Exterior
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The spirit of adventure began way back in 1948 when the Rover company came with the Land Rover, a four-wheel drive car with off-road capabilities. The quintessential vehicle, even today, can take you places no other car can and was fitting to see the tribute be an enduro adventure motorcycle.

Slapped with panniers and long-travel suspension, the bike can take you on unbeaten path without breaking a sweat. The studded tires and a spare one hung at the back will keep you rolling away despite any road conditions.

Source: Jennings Harley-Davidson

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