This is what I put my money in for. Three super cool dogs on a motorcycle.

I’m pretty sure there are many of you out there that knows about the freedom of the road and the companionship of a dog being the best combination there is. It is definitely a rare sight but for those who have a deeper connection with their dogs, wouldn’t have it any other way. Riding with you best buddy is just so damn cool and there are many ways one can pull that off.

But here is an example of how you shouldn’t be doing it. This video clip from India shows three dogs riding on a scooter, and are not even tied to the vehicle with any sort of leash or cagings. And to my surprise, those dos seem like they have been doing this since ages and are comfortable enough.

What is the most exclamation "!" thing you've seen on the road?
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Not all dogs turn out to be as comfortable as these ones here look like. Some get appalled by the sound and the motion of a motorcycle, and some just enjoy it as much as their owners do - not to forget, it is a sight for other road users too.

India is a land of 1.25 Billion people. Out of which 70% of them live outside the metros and tier-1 urban agglomerations. Adhering to laws is not very strong in such places and that is where you will find all kinds of things waiting to surprise you. One such a category would be finding weird things transported on weird vehicles and this time it is three dogs on a scooter.

What is the most exclamation "!" thing you've seen on the road?
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This daredevil family of 4 seems very happy at the sight of a video taken of them. The rider seems to have done this many times before and so have the dogs on the scooter. There is no kind of safety or protection whatsoever for both the rider and the dogs. The rider isn’t wearing a helmet only to trust his turban do any good and is also riding with just one hand on the handlebar while the other hand is holding a small pup.

The dogs are confidently sitting on the saddle untethered to the vehicle and are unmoved even by the wind resistance against their little bodies. Not to mention a sudden turn or swerve or even unpatched roads. What if one of those dogs lost its footing? Thinking about it scares the daylights out of me.

If in case you wish to do this, please do use the available ways to pull it off with all parties being safe. A backpack, dog seats, tank bags or sidecars are most often the safest way to lug around everywhere with your best bud.

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