In this article we’re going to have a closer look at what the motorcycle manufacturers are planning for us next year. Since model years are different in parts of the world,we’re not going to call them 2009 or 2010 model, but just “next year”. You’ll understand.

In four months, world’s biggest motorcycle exhibition (Intermot in Germany) opens its doors, and we’ll be seeing many new models. Here’s our stab at what we think (hope) to see.


What's up for next year?
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The prototype RSV 1000 V4 was already presented last year, so by all reason, it should be launched shortly. The older RSV 1000 will probably get a 1200 cc engine.

What's up for next year?
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The FV2 1200 R prototype shown last year shouldn’t be launched, expect that the following year. But we can expect a Shiver S, since it’s being prepared already.


BMW often spring big surprises at either Intermot or EICMA (Italy). The hypersport, 4 cylinder S 1000 R is as good as sure.

What's up for next year?
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There’s talk the BMW is going to revive it’s R1200C Cruiser bike, and possibility manufacturer it in the USA to take Harley head on in their own back yard.

What's up for next year?
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An obvious choice would also be the F 800 R, but they might wait a year for that one.


Buell will most probably come out with a race version of the 1125 R, plus maybe a roadster with the same engine.


What's up for next year?
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Long overdue, the MTS (Multistrada) will surely get the 1098 engine (why have a separate 1100 engine), probably not as has been speculated, a 1200 cc engine.


No rumors are going around about new models. The financially plagued manufacturer may stay with some re-styling, but no new models.


What's up for next year?
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For sure we’ll see the Honda CBR 600 RR ABS. The CBR 600 RR will have received many new changes thanks to an ever presence at the world supersport races. The motorcycle has already been test ridden.

Pretty sure that the Honda CB 600 F Hornet will have changes. The Evo 6 probably will not be shown, and will hopefully see the light of day around 2010.

What's up for next year?
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Most probable are the re-introduction of the retro-look CB1100 F and CB 1100 R, a Honda stab at the Ducati Classic. Old motorcycles in new jackets are the latest craze.

What's up for next year?
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Their successful ER-6 will receive some cosmetic changes, but might also receive a 700 cc engine. The ZX-6R’s time has come for changes, so there’s not going to be any surprises there. We’ll see that the bike was on a strict diet, since it’s heavier than its main competitor (Honda).

What's up for next year?
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Kawasaki long awaited new version of the 4-stroke 250 KLX-R will most probably be introduced.


The RC8 R will for sure be launched, but I doubt that we’ll see the RC8 Venom street-bike. The RC8 is too young to launch new variations already.

What's up for next year?
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Doubtful is the KTM Stunt motorcycle presented as concept last year.

MV Agusta

The troubled MV Agusta will not be showing anything new, except maybe some re-styling. No small displacement F4 is foreseen for next year, so don’t hold your breath.


What's up for next year?
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For sure we’re going to see a restyling of the GSX-R 1000 (like this year’s Hayabusa). Some sources say that the bike will be equipped with traction control that you can turn on/off.

What's up for next year?
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The well-selling SV 650 is in a dire need of a face lift, so maybe its time has come.


What's up for next year?
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The Triumph 675 Street Triple R has already been spotted, so no surprise there. It’ll include a fully adjustable suspension, new brakes and a new position for the exhaust. The face lift for the Daytona 675 has also been spotted, as has a new big displacement Cruiser (1700 cc??).

What's up for next year?
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The dual purpose Tiger 675 is as good as a given as well.


What's up for next year?
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No guesswork here, the new V-Max is a reality. Yamaha’s main race motorcycle, the R1, will be getting a face lift and new technology stemming from the MotoGP arena (like the Big Bang - simultaneous ignition of all cylinders).

Almost sure that we’re not going to see the MT-02, since the MT-03 is not selling that well.


Whatever is going to be shown over the next 4 months, it’s going to get interesting. Several manufacturers have new motorcycle models coming out, or totally revamped older ones. Isn’t life beautiful?

Now, what have I missed? Anyone have any other ideas?

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