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Who knows, maybe you’ve got a spare Aprilia lying around. So what can you do with it? One thing you can do, is take it to custom shop MotoMorphic in San Rafael, California. There, they can transform your old and bland Aprilia into something more eye-catching.

Motorcycle manufacturers need to design motorcycle that appeal to a large group of potential buyers, while custom shops need to apply their trade to make one person happy; you the customer. So they can do more or less whatever they want in their design.

Initially they took an Aprilia Falco, and transformed it from this:

What to do with a spare Aprilia
- image 251244
Aprilia Falco

into this monster, called the PigHell.

What to do with a spare Aprilia
- image 251245

But that was not enough. They then took an Aprilia Mille, which is not exactly a slow looking motorcycles, and transformed it into this road monster, the JaFM:

What to do with a spare Aprilia
- image 251246

That’s one mean Sci-Fi looking motorcycle. Notice the top air intake.

How much does it cost to transform your bland motorcycle into one of these? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it, unless your name is Brad Pitt or Jay Leno.

MotoMorphic’s creations can be seen here: http://www.motomorphic.com/. They have decided to take their JaFM motrocycle to the Isle of Man, but from what I can understand, have ran into technical problems.

Source: MotoLian.com

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