• Wheelie through London traffic

Watch how this guy beats his peak hour traffic snarl on his motorcycle

NOTE: We do not endorse/promote stunt riding on public roads. Keep yourself and other road users safe. Always consider safety first and wear a helmet and all riding gear.

Getting stuck in traffic. We are always in shock and denial, and even though we knew it was coming, we always find ourselves amazed at the hour-long standstill line. Then there is this guy who beats it on his two-wheels.

And he just doesn’t ride it through small spaces but does it in his own style.. pops a wheelie.

Wheelie through London traffic
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Don’t we all hate that? You feel so helpless, and the worst thing of all is that you will not see the end of it, and when it does, you pray this will never happen to you again. But as you know, it always comes back to haunt you.

Luckily some of us ride bikes. Zipping through the congestion became a tad bit easier for us, and we take that little pleasure of happiness when we get to squeeze through tight spots to get in front of the line.

Then there is this guy... Watch how he handles his Monday blues by popping a wheelie. No doubt, it is one of the most dangerous things you could do, but how could we blame him? Isn’t that what all motorcyclists look out for? Adrelanine.

Of course, one needs some serious riding skills and a lot of common sense to feel safe doing something like this. Although it might look so much fun on the screen and easy, trust me it is not, especially when there is soo many variables around.

Anyone could just fling open their door and could end with this motorcyclist falling off and hurting himself and others.

Own a motorcycle? Good, I already like you. Beat the city traffic. Always wear a helmet. If you love doing stunts like a wheelie, choose a safe secluded location and not public roads or just leave it to the professionals.

Wheelie through London traffic
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