Here’s a great thing to do when going out riding in Maggie Valley, NC, but not before reading this guy’s riding experience:

"WOW! I had just tuned my old BMW (1995 R100RT) and decided to take a ride to enjoy my handiwork....and ended up about 40 miles away in Maggie Valley, NC. I told Donna I was going for a short ride to see how the bike ran and figured I really should turn around and then I passed the "Wheels Through Time Museum" which I had been planning on visiting, so I stopped....

The museum is a big building with a gravel lot and very modest signage. It was right at closing time but I parked and took off my helmet and walked up the incline towards the entrance. A friendly guy in an oil stained tshirt (just like mine!) welcomed me and asked if that was my airhead BMW and then asked if I would like to ride a vintage Harley that was idling next to him. Thats how I met the owner and creator of the museum, Dale Walksler, and yes, I did take the old Harley for brief ride, it was fun.

Dale and I hit it off immediately and had about an hour chat after he escorted me into the museum and then left me to my own devices. We have lots in common and I guess we are both now considered "old timers" in the world of motorcycles but he has done so much more in that world than I ever dreamed of doing. I owned a racing shop and did a small amount of racing and lots of motorcycle touring (still do).

I shot a little video and some pics while I wandered the museum and I have to tell you that Dale has put together a completely unique collection of running motorcycles and some cars and an airplane to boot.

If you get within 300 miles you need to visit. BTW, Dale is relocating the museum to Prescott, Arizona within the next year or so, check the current location before you plan your visit.

This is a "hands on" museum for motorcycle enthusiasts and it is not to be missed. I compare it to the "Silver Hill Air & Space Museum" outside of D.C. in feel.

Dale has over 250 unique motorcycles and they are not roped off, you can walk right up and caress them. He has a huge Harley collection but has many other makes too."

His website is:

Source: Youtube

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