• When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1

Good morning and welcome to our April Fool’s Day round-up. It has already been two good days since we came under hoax news and stories from the motorcycle world playing practical jokes on us. Thanks to the close proximities of these pranks to the company’s products and impressions, they tricked us into believing their true existence.

Some were instantly rubbed off, while some seemed pretty convincing. Nonetheless, they all were pure April’s Fool pranks, and if you did not catch them all, we have got you covered. Participating in the Sunday’s jester were pranksters from BMW, Kawasaki, Triumph, Yamaha and a bunch of others including Lewis Hamilton.

1. BMW equips their GS with an onboard 3D printer

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
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With customers taking their GS Adventure touring machine to remote places totally off the asphalted roads, chances of breaking small parts of the machine like the levers, mirrors or indicator lenses are always high. Small trips and falls will cause damage and BMW have come to the rescue.

Installing a mobile 3D printer inside the top pannier of the bike, customers can now get their levers and pegs 3D printed on the fly. To compensate the added weight, BMW has developed a special carbon reinforced polymer fiber top pannier which is 10 pounds lighter and has power cables integrated into them for the printer.

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
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Riders can then access the “BMW iCloud” (which is obviously faux) to upload, download or save their desired designs using their smartphones onto the printer. Parts would be able to be printed out in plastic, glass, aluminum, steel and even titanium using a process called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

All of this seems very plausible, but of course, we know it’s all a hoax played by the Bavarian buffoons that have been running such crazies on April 1 since the early ‘80s. Last year, they had us believing that the R1200 GS will get an X-Hybrid two-wheel drive version, which did not happen as we know.

2. Kawasaki supercharged jet ski

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
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Having three supercharged machines already in their arsenal, the cheeky Japanese wagsters seemed to have developed another model running on forced induction. This time, the motorcycle can even hit mind-bending speeds in water. Yes, called the Ninja H2O (you’ll figure it out if you knew a little chemistry), Kawasaki bonkers made a supercharged jet ski using a phony Photoshop technique.

Combining the mighty H2R and a jet-ski under chassis, a 310 hp amphibian motorcycle could ride on land and water with just a flip of a switch. The “world’s first aquatic hyperbike” would go from ‘Road’ to ‘Water’ by retracting the wheels allowing the hull to ride on the water. The bike also came with Super-Thrust Reverse Impeller (STRI) developed along with Kawasaki’s ship-building headquarters in Kobe, Japan.

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
- image 776111

The most ridiculous “LOL” information of all is the use of ‘dactari’ onto the mechanical components. It is apparently a substance developed for "deep-sea underwater atomic molecule yamnotonic protection" (even google didn’t know what that meant). Kawasaki also took help from Kawasaki Aerospace to design the deep V front fairing for high performance and race-like agility on the road or on the water.

With imaginations running high at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, they decided to play this prank on enticing people who love the waters. Unfortunately, the reality is harsh. No supercharged aquatic hyperbike Jet Ski anywhere in the future.

3. Triumph Great Escape

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
- image 776107

The British manufacturer bet big on Adventure touring and opened up a new Adventure Experience in Wales. With their Tigers’ and Scramblers’, Triumph teaches newbies and experienced riders to tackle the difficulties of the rough terrains their customers wish to take their machines on.

Starting this month, Triumph will give its customers and fans an opportunity to replicate the legendary British icon, Steve Mcqueen’s act of fence jumping on his Triumph in the motorcycle escape scene from ’The Great Escape’. Although in reality, his friend Bud Ekins made the actual jump on camera for insurance purposes.

Triumph's Tiger 1200 and 800 grows bigger claws for 2018 High Resolution Exterior
- image 744740
Electronic rider aids are not as extensive as that of the 1200 but still gets enough to boast
ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, cruise control and up to six riding modes including the new “Off-Road Pro” mode (XC models only)

Luckily, Triumph has managed to have Bud Edkins himself give expert tuition to the jumpers astride a 2018 model Tiger 800. The riders will have access to their choice of clothing from the Triumph Steve McQueen collection to get into character and will have a suitable music to cheer them up to the ramp along with people in the viewing gallery.

Seeing the fun aspect of the jump, and for safety reasons, Triumph has decided to use a multi-colored soft play-style ball pit landing area where jumpers will land their Tiger 800 XC guaranteeing a comfortable landing. Sounds all fun and exciting but apart from a sketch of this arena, there is nothing else surfing the internet shouting on this April Fool’s adventure act.

4. Yamaha YZF-R3 Bunny Edition

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
- image 776108

Having won the coveted Bike of the Year 2016, this entry-level premium from Japan had got the entire biking community reeling with joy. Designed with speed and agility in mind, the sharp beautiful and tough motorbike rewards even the rider with its top-notch performance and handling.

For 2018, Yamaha has launched a special Bunny Edition of the YZF-R3 that has a pink paint job and a rabbit sticker complete with pink wheels. It was released by popular demand, and the Bunny logo represents the Easter Day celebrations. It still runs on a 321 cc, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves engine with fuel injection and returns 41.4 hp at 10750 rpm with 22 lb-ft of torque at 9000 rpm.

left right

“If you love pink as much as we do, hurry up and make it yours!” says Yamaha Europe. It is true that Yamaha was making a few pink and turquoise sportsbikes a while ago, so this could be passed as believable to an extent.

5. Lego helmets

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
- image 776104

Yes, the same chaps with whom we shared our childhood together, have come up with funky Lego Head helmets in partnership with the world’s biggest-selling motorcycle helmet manufacturer, HJC. The FG-70S helmet series now comes with open-face yellow lids, with Lego character faces on the back.

The helmets also come with optional clip-on accessories to customize your Lego helmet including hair, hats, headphones and other stuff. The helmet also apparently meets ECE 22.05 approval for road use and is also safe with the D-ring strap fastener and superior fit and comfort.

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
- image 776105

Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever suits you best), these helmets are as serious as the toys themselves. The big knob at the top would definitely snap a thing or two in your body when on impact and I’m sure authorities are happy that this was just an April Fool’s prank.

6. Lewis Hamilton to switch racing on two-wheels

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1
- image 776103

We all know what Lewis Hamilton is capable with his Mercedes F1 W08 EQ Power+ on the Formula One circuits around the world. Resembling an official headline, Lewis Hamilton announced that he will now switch to racing on the MotoGP calendar, which to be honest, was the most believable piece of news, even for April 1st.

His love for motorcycles and exotics is no less of a surprise. Lewis has been in partnership with MV Agusta to have created a limited edition Dragster RR LH44 model and the very recent F4 LH44 superbike, which is a limited-edition, road-going version of the F4 RC motorbike that races in the WorldSBK championship.

When the industry lured us to fool us on April 1 Exterior
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Commenting on the partnership, “My projects with MV Agusta are a great way to combine my love of riding bikes with my interest in creative design process so I am very much involved with the CRC (Castiglioni Research Department) design team throughout."

But taking the sigh and disbelief of Formula One fans to a toss, we learned that Hamilton pulled a very impressive prank on social media. Nonetheless, we won’t be surprised to see Hamilton throw a leg on a MotoGP machine soon.

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