The MTT 420RR — 420 HP and 500 LB-FT Of Torque

The South Louisiana-based turbine company is at it again. You see, someone once told them they couldn’t make a street-legal motorcycle with the same engine used to power jets and helicopters. They took that as a challenge. As a result, the Y2K Superbike was born. Well, those crazy Cajuns are at it again, because apparently 320-horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque wasn’t enough, so the factory put together the 420 RR. No, that’s not a clever Mary-J reference, but it is how many ponies the diesel/kerosene-fired Rolls-Royce Allison gas turbine cranks out. This is backed up by an unbelievable 500 pound-feet of torque that absolutely shames everything else on the market by a significant margin.

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What’s The Buzz?

Where would you ride such a thing? Anywhere you want; it is street legal after all, but you’ll need something like a salt flat to use its full potential if you have the stones for it. I can see bullying everyone around the 1/4-mile tracks with it as well, but honestly, this is overkill on a truly monumental scale. A steering damper and 27-degree rake help it track even at speed. Good thing too, since the previous generation Y2K was clocked at 227 MPH, and this monster is bound to blow that away.

Even though the factory really didn’t need to worry about the horsepower-to-weight ratio given the obscene amount of power it’s packing, the engineers opted for an aluminum frame with carbon-fiber body panels to keep the weight down around 500-pounds anyway. A long swingarm pushes the rear wheel out for a 68-inch long wheelbase — no doubt to try to help minimize the moonshots — with Ohlins stems to absorb the abuse associated with that kind of speed.

The price has yet to be announced, but I expect it’s going to be astro-freakin’-nomical considering its predecessor set a world record as the most expensive production bike in the world at the time with a $150,000 price tag. I can’t even imagine who would be interested in owning such a machine, and I reckon anyone interested in it would do well to consider a penile implant instead, because of the two, only one is going to make your dick bigger. Just sayin’, guys.

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