• Will MotoGP Get A New Manufacturer In 2023?

  • Making a Splash in Moto3 Three Wins in Its First Season
  • OK, So It's A Re-Branded KTM But look at the publicity it brings to the brand

Could a GasGas MotoGP Bike Be On The Cards?

At first glance, that headline could seem a bit confusing. GasGas is a Spanish manufacturer of enduro and MX bikes, so what would it be doing moving into MotoGP? Well, now it is part of the KTM group of companies, along with Husqvarna and with Husqvarna moving further into eco-friendly territory and with new acquisition GasGas needing an image boost in view of its move into road bikes, MotoGP could be the perfect platform.

GasGas to MotoGP?

Will MotoGP Get A New Manufacturer In 2023?
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Making a Splash in Moto3
Three Wins in Its First Season

If there’s one thing KTM can’t be criticised for, it is doing things half-heartedly. Having triumphed in Moto3, the Austrian brand then went to Moto2 and swept all before them there before moving up again to MotoGP, where it became a race winner after only four seasons.

Now, both Husqvarna and GasGas are part of the KTM empire and both are doing well in Moto3. In fact, KTM, GasGas and Husqvarna-mounted riders fill the first three places in the Moto3 championship this year.

GasGas, a Spanish company, was acquired by KTM in 2019. While it was originally a manufacturer of enduro and motocross bikes, KTM is busy developing a plan for the company to branch into road-going models in the near future. Naturally, with this being KTM, there will be an adventure model based on the 890 Adventure.

Because of this move towards road bikes, it would make sense for KTM to bring the GasGas brand further into racing. Of course, as with the road bikes, the race bikes would in all likelihood be re-branded KTM Race bikes, but it’s still an important presence for the brand.

Short Term Plans

Will MotoGP Get A New Manufacturer In 2023?
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OK, So It’s A Re-Branded KTM
But look at the publicity it brings to the brand

The short term plan is to take the brand into the Moto2 championship. But a move to MotoGP has not been ruled out completely.

“That is also a solution, yes,” smiled Pierer, when asked if a move into MotoGP was possible. "Never say Never, but first we see that we can bring together a GASGAS team for the Moto2 World Championship,”

The situation in Moto2 is a little confusing as KTM no longer makes a chassis for the class, instead running Kalex chassis with the Triumph engine. GasGas would have to go the same route in Moto2. In MotoGP it’s a little easier, as KTM builds its own bike - chassis and engine - and so that would simply be re-branded a GasGas.

Naturally, Dorna, the rights holders for MotoGP, would be happy to have a ‘Spanish’ manufacturer represented. With Husqvarna’s mandate being towards more eco-friendly transport, it paves the way for GasGas to head to MotoGP.

Things are looking interesting in MotoGP in the next few years; a hungry bunch of young riders and new manufacturer blood coming onto the field. Bring it on!

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