The German car manufacturer has big plans for producing something close to what you see in the picture above and it is all part of a strategic alliance with KTM.

Things are as simple as they can get. Remember the X-Bow? The Austrian’s manufacturer first attempt at a road car involved engineers from VW and was powered by the 2000cc turbo engine of the Audi TT sports car. In order to pay back in experience, KTM will do the same thing for Volkswagen: offer an engine and the necessary know-how for a successful bike to hit the production bike and go up against the already notorious BMW.

And if you’re thinking that this is the giant’s only big plan, there’s something to read about and have a radical change of opinion. The GX-3 hybrid, which was a concept only two years ago at the Los Angeles Motor Show, now appears as heading to production with its daring looks combining elements of a car and motorcycle.

And if it does end up on the showroom’s floors, buyers will be in for the riders of their live times as the low and light piece of machinery is being powered by an 1600cc motor developing a decent 125bhp. Having the comfort of a car and the handling of a motorbike was always a great aiming point for builders all over the worlds so the question remains: is VW going be the first to break the ice?

Will Volkswagen produce its first motorcycle? Very likely
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Volkswagen GX-3 Concept

Source: Autoexpress

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