Somewhere in his Bat Cave, Batman’s probably wondering why Captain Kirk, of all people, gets to drive this monstrosity of a motorcycle. This singularly spectacular three-wheeled machine of destruction is called the Rivet One, a creation that comes by way of Illinois-based American Wrench, a motorcycle fabrication company that specializes in creating oddities like this one. Ok, the company also provides parts and materials to aftermarket bike makers like Orange County Choppers, but that’s not as important right now as the work it’s doing on the Rivet One.

The machine itself looks exceptionally neurotic, especially if you’re the kind who enjoys riding vehicles that would make Bruce Wayne feel jealous. According to Motor Trend, the idea to build the Rivet One happened when Shatner met an American Wrench employee at an autograph session. The two got talking about the latter building Captain Kirk a bike and here we are.

The bike is still in the process of being built but Shatner, who is a self-obsessed bike nut, has promised to ride the Rivet One from Chicago to Los Angeles this summer to help drum up hype in time for the public launch of the vehicle. That’s a sight we’d love to see, particularly the amount of bewildered looks he’ll receive during the road trip.

Over/under on 3,000 stares sounds like a fair number, right?

American Wrench also said that it plans to build a few more Rivet Ones in the future with the possibility of a cheaper alternative for those who don’t have the financial cache of Captain Kirk.

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Rivet One

Like we said, the Rivet One is still under construction so it’s hard to say what kind of machine Shatner will use during his (almost) cross-country trek this summer.

That said, Kevin Sirotek, vice president of marketing for Illinois Auto Electric, the parent company of American Wrench, told Motor Trend that the Rivet One will feature a handful of unique design elements created by Shatner’s rather enterprising mind. See what I did there?

Essentially, the Rivet One will be a three-wheeled bike that will have a front wheel that can be steered with a single-sided swing-arm, linking it to some rather unusual handlebars. According to Sirotek, the bike will carry a single-sided front suspension and steering system in the front. The single-sided nature of the bike allows it to use a hood, which Sirotek says will be “where the gas tank would be on a traditional motorcycle.”

A traditional V-8 engine is likely going to make its way just behind the front wheel, although Sirotek says that the Rivet One is going to be built to accommodate a plethora of other engine options, including “a hybrid, a mix of a Corvette, a Harley and a hot rod.”

Work is also being done to include an independent rear suspension for the two rear wheels whereas the body itself is expected to be made up of a hand-formed aluminum, creating that industrial look that these renderings of the three-wheeled bike proudly show off. At Shatner’s behest, a full canopy and trunk space at the back are also expected to be part of the Rivet One.

It should be noted that once it’s built, the Rivet One will in a truly unique class of its own as far as three-wheeled vehicles are concerned. Think of it as a demented and supremely more powerful Morgan Three-Wheeler. That or you can just wait for American Wrench to finish construction of the bike before deciding on whether you like it or not.

But based on these renderings, Shatner’s Rivet One could end up becoming even more aesthetically nutty than we imagined.

Source: Motor Trend

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