Most riders show themselves retained in what concerns approaching the electric alternatives that have been created so far, but maybe this last will make a difference as it is built to meet the best of both worlds. Still able of challenging you to skid your knees at every turn, but not polluting a bit, the AC inductance Yamaha R1 could make a career in this business.

Definitely not comparable with a Yamaha engine, the 550amp 84v electric engine provided by AC inductance manages to develop a decent 54HP and 81ftlbs of torque. Planned to be produced and expected to sell in decent numbers, the bike will rely on its 8.1 kW lithium iron phosphate battery pack which can keep it going for a range of100 miles.

With these numbers on the table, the electrically-powered R1 can do 100mph and comes as a green solution for riders who are willing to lose the emissions, but not a bike’s sporty feel. I do not see how that is possible as a bike’s sporty attitude is being generally given by its engine, but I have to admit and congratulate this significant step further.

Source: graywrxfabblog

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