Sure motorcycles look cool, but most aren’t really that interesting unless they have a deadly amount of power shoved into them, or they’re on fire. This one on the other hand is pretty special; it’s the only bike ever to be badged as a Ferrari.

You may ask yourself, how did a Ferrari motorbike come to be? Well, out of pure generosity of Piero Ferrari. In a letter to Mr. Ferrari Jr., David Kay of David Kay Engineering wanted to build a Ferrari badged one-of-a-kind bike as a memorial piece to his late father. After a read over the undoubtedly touching letter, Piero Ferrari granted permission in the form of his signature to David Kay to build the memorable two-wheeler.

Four years later and 3,000 man hours, the built from scratch 900cc Ferrari motorcycle was born. The entire body was shaped from aluminum and molded to what David thought a Ferrari factory motorcycle would look like. Although the bike didn’t get much use, as it was seen as more of a personal expression of art rather than a road-going bike, it came with 105-hp and an estimated top speed of 164 mph.

So where is this one and only now? Well after some not so successful sales, and price tags of over £250K, the bike finally made its way to the auction block in May 2012 where it sold at a price of £85,000 ($166,000) to some lucky Brit.


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