The EC-02 was first unveiled in 2005. The electric scooter came with a port for connecting up your iPod to the scooter’s built-in stereo speakers and a headphone jack, in case you do not wish to share your tunes with your fellow commuters.

Despite the fact that the EC-02 is fully electric, it is more than quick enough(for commuting within the city): it is capable of 18 mph speeds with a 40 miles range between six hour charge.

The big round headlight, "banana" seat with room for two and chromed teardrop front & rear turn signal pods indicate its rip-roaring relationship with classic Yamahas of the past.

The scooter features a tank mounted iPod dock and remote control buttons built-into the handlebars. In the faux tank (it’s not really a tank because the machine is 100% electric) there are the stereo speakers, enabling you to play downloaded motorcycle sounds to complete the fantasy.

Yamaha’s designers have added one more uniquely appealing feature to the EC-02... it glows in the dark! According to a company spokesperson, "The technology enables the exterior to give a more vividly stereoscopic impression of the three-dimensional shape of any surface treated with the film."

So, if you’re used to forget where you parked your scooter, just wait until nightfall. Spooky :)

The Yamaha EC-02 with iPod dock costs approximately $2000 and is only available in Japan at the present time.

Yamaha EC-02, a glowing-in-the-dark iPod scooter
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Yamaha EC-02

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