• Yamaha hosted WR Media Introduction in Costa Rica

    Yamaha hosted WR Media Introduction in Costa Rica
  • Yamaha hosted WR Media Introduction in Costa Rica
  • Yamaha hosted WR Media Introduction in Costa Rica

To unveil the all-new 2007 WR250F and WR450F, Yamaha hosted a Media Introduction in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. Costa Rica has exploded onto the adventure sports map with its world-class surfing, sport fishing, river rafting, and for off-road riders, the most pristine, scenic and challenging loops ever found in one location.

Yamaha redesigned the 2007 WRs with a goal of building the most Enduro race ready bikes available. With an aluminum frame and slim YZ-style layout, the styling changes are obvious. But like your mom said, it’s what’s inside that counts, and the WRs ’insides’ were worked over by the engineers. Yamaha WR engineers focused on three vital off-road qualities: Lighter Handling, broad power delivery, and increased comfort highlight the list of improvements while maintaining the WRs legendary durability and race-ready standard features. 

Focusing on comfort, lightweight handling, and smooth, tractable power, the WRs more than lived up to its expectations. Under the tortuous tests from the motorcycle media and the terrain the jungles of Costa Rica had to offer, the WRs never flinched. Yamaha kicked-off the event hosting "Epic Ride", a television show airing on Speed Channel. Hosts Ricky Johnson, Danny LaPorte, and Mike Metzger surprised three reality show contestants with an epic journey on the new WRs through the jungles, rivers, and mountains. As "Epic Ride" departed Costa Rica a large contingent of motorcycle publications were arriving. Dirt Rider, Motocross Action, Trail Rider, Motorcycle USA, Cycle World, Dirt Bike, The Robb Report put their luggage on a shuttle, the mx gear on, and started up the WRs for the for a weeks worth testing.

Yamaha joined forces with Costa Rica Unbound to gain a unique look at what Costa Rica has to offer. Journalists literally walked off the plane and onto the 2007 WRs and headed across the country to the Pacific Ocean. The guides moved the editors across rivers, over mountains, down long stretches of beach, and through tight jungle trails en route to the Pacific. Stopping at local food stands and past the waving hands of many of the locals, the journey was astounding and the views unmatched. The first night concluded with a WR Technical Presentation and a ringing endorsement of the WR and the riding areas from 7x National Motocross Champion Ricky Johnson. 

On hand, Mike "The Godfather" Metzger, agreed with RJ. "Man, that bike is so light it feels like a YZ! The electric start and headlight are the only reminders that I was riding a WR instead of a YZ."

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  (1) posted on 05.26.2008

Just purchased a new 2007 Yamaha WR450F. Has any one had issues with the e-start? From cold - starts fine. After riding for any length of time, if I shut down and go to start back-up,
I might get 1 or 2 feeble tries from the starter and then battery does not have enough to spin the starter.
Very annoying to say the least!

  (1) posted on 08.28.2007

How do you sign up for the Epic Ride?

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