• Yamaha Issues Recall of XT250 Over Multitude of Problems

Days after Harley-Davidson issued a recall for a handful of its bikes, Japanese motorcycle company Yamaha is following suit with its own recall involving the XT250, the brand’s resident air-cooled single-cylinder bike.

According to Yamaha, the problems with the XT250 were discovered when some bikes experienced a rash of problems when they run in the top revs for prolonged periods of time. Among the most important issues include unforeseen heat that could melt the bike’s air induction hose. In the event this happens, the bike’s fuel injection sub-wiring harness could become exposed to exhaust gases and the harness wires’ plastic insulation could melt after that. Once melted, there’s an increased possibility of a short circuit, which could then stall the engine and cause a crash.

Obviously, that’s a big issue, which is why XT250 models from 2013 to 2015 have already been recalled in Canada with a recall in the US and other markets likely happening any time soon. Yamaha has determined that 732 units of the bike are affected in Canada, but the total in other markets could be a lot bigger

The problem is less of an issue when the bike isn’t riding in the top revs, but in the interest of safety, it might be a good idea for owners of the Yamaha XT250 to have their backs checked regardless. So in the event that you own any of the following models - a 2013 Yamaha XT250D, a 2014 XT250EL, or a 2015 XT250FL, exercise a little caution and have your bikes sent to Yamaha where engineers are waiting to repair the defective models.

The company has already indicated that it already has the tools and the people to fix the problem at no cost to the rider.

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Why it matters

We can’t stress this enough, nor can we point it out enough. These recalls may be a cause of nuisance to a lot of people. Actually, it’s a nuisance to pretty much everybody. But it’s also necessary, especially if you want to own a bike that can run on all cylinders, both literally and figuratively.

Yamaha’s decision to recall the XT250 is all the more important because the bike appears to have a multitude of problems that need to be fixed. There isn’t an isolated part that has to be worked out, but an entire system that must be corrected so that the bike can function properly.

So go ahead and find out if your Yamaha XT250 needs to be fixed. Once you find out, go call up your local Yamaha dealership so you can learn more about what needs to be done to get it fixed. It’s not like you’re spending any money on the repairs because Yamaha’s footing the bill.

But if you’re not careful and ignore this recall notice, you could end up paying for a whole lot more. And no, we’re not just talking about your bike. Take that for what it’s worth.

Source: AutoEvolution

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