Yamaha YZF-R3 owners take a double-whammy this week with a brace of problems bad enough to warrant recall campaigns that will affect a combined total of 11,280 bikes on U.S. shores, and both can be considered safety-related problems — the clutch and oil-pressure regulator.

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What’s Happening?

Yamaha Issues Recall On 2015 - 2016 YZF-R3
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First up is a failure in the clutch; specifically, the throw-out bearing that transmits effort at the clutch lever to the compression plate on the end of the clutch pack. The bearings on the affected models are not up to the job, and frequent clutching as in city/town driving or stop-and-go traffic can exacerbate the problem. When this bearing fails it can prevent you from being able to disengage the clutch, so if you own one of these bikes, get it fixed sooner rather than later.

A problem with the oil-pressure regulator within the engine oil pump is the issue at hand for our second recall. Apparently the regulator isn’t properly shunting excess oil, and the resultant pressure buildup can cause the plastic pump gears to break. This leads to a catastrophic loss of oil pressure and engine seizure if you don’t get it shut down quickly enough. Once again, sooner is better than later, and both of the procedures can be done in the same trip to the service department.

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