• Yamaha Offering New Worldcrosser Package For the 2015 Super Tenere

The Yamaha Super Tenere is once again getting the Worldcrosser treatment now that the Japanese manufacturer has announced its plan to offer an array of new features for its flagship touring bike. This isn’t exactly a new occurrence in the world of Yamaha; the Worldcrosser package has been around since 2012. But it still gives owners of the Super Tenere something to look forward to every time a new model hits dealerships.

Like its part iterations, the new Worldcrosser package introduces a smattering of cool add-ons for the Super Tenere, all of which are meant to boost the bike’s style game while also enhancing its overall performance and riding experience. It’s admittedly the same spiel that we’ve heard from Yamaha in the past few years but to its credit, the Japanese brand has always delivered the goods when it came to the Worldcrosser package.

This year looks no different because of what owners can get for the new package. Generous helpings of carbon fiber panels make their dramatic return to the Super Tenere, as do the carbon fork protectors and a new drive shaft shield that can protect the bike’s inner mechanicals whenever it ventures into less-than-ideal road surfaces.

The new Worldcrosser package is already available at Yamaha dealerships throughout the UK and in Europe. Prospective owners can order the package separate from the bike or have it installed into the machine before taking delivery. Prices may vary depending on the country, but it should be consistently around $16,000 based on current exchange rates.

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Why it matters

I’ve always been a big fan of the Worldcrosser package for the Yamaha Super Tenere. This isn’t to say that the standard Super Tenere falls below my standards. it’s just nice to see that there’s an added package being offered that can turn the Super Tenere into a full-fledged attraction on two wheels.

I already mentioned the sweet carbon fiber panels that puts a stamp of exclusivity on the bike. Ditto for the aluminum mesh protectors, the carbon fiber frame protectors, and the carbon fork protectors. Evidently, there’s a lot of protectin’ going on with the Worldcrosser package, further validating its status as an all-encompassing design, handling, and performance upgrade package for the Super Tenere.

Move past all the fancy protectors and you’ll see that the Worldcrosser package also comes with plenty of other accessories, including a fog lamp kits, luggage systems, and an Akrapovic silencer. But if you really want to go full-scale on the Worldcrosser, you can opt for the XT1200ZE version and receive additional goodies like electronically adjustable suspensions, heated grips, and even a topcase rack.

The Worldcrosser package really has no shortage in new features and new components. That’s probably a big reason why Yamaha has consistently rolled out this package for the Super Tenere. A standard model is cool enough on its own, but a Super Tenere with a Worldcrosser package opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Yamaha’s resident flagship touring bike.

Source: Yamaha Europe

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