• Yamaha PES1 was revealed at Tokyo

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Yamaha has taken the wraps off it new green concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The new concept represents a small step into the future of motorcycles and features a compact design which makes it perfectly suited for riding through the city.

The new sport motorcycle is built on a monocoque frame and is packed with an electric brushless DC smart Power Module motor powered by a set of removable Lithium-ion batteries. The electric motor is paired with an automatic transmission which can be also used as a manual gearbox.

The motorcycle was built with lightness in mind and it weighs less than 100 kg.

Talking about its new concept Yamaha said: “The PES1 electric motorcycle offers both environmental friendliness and sporty performance that conveys Yamaha’s passion for riding. It off ers great drivability and maneuverability sure to please any motorcycle fan thanks to its lightweight design and motor torque control. Slip out on weekend mornings, without waking the family, for a private hour of communion with your electric ride. Eminently quiet motor is guaranteed to deliver you from the din of your everyday life. Future of electric sports bikes is fast approaching.”

Hit the jump for the official video.

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