As if owning a Yamaha YZF-R1M isn’t reason enough to jump for joy, Yamaha USA has announced the launch of a new app that could redefine the way owners ride the YZF-R1M. Basically, the app, called Y-TRAC System, allows riders to connect their Android devices with the YZF-R1M’s Ride Control (YRC) system, opening up a new world of information about the bike’s performance that everyday riders normally aren’t privy to.

This type of information can normally be seen on a factory race team’s pitbox so you can understand why Yamaha is promoting it with so much fervor. With the Y-TRAC System, riders will now have access to a wide range of data from their YZF-R1M bikes, including engine RPM, throttle position, front/rear wheel speed, gear position, lean angle, pitch (front-to-back), front/rear brake pressure, engine coolant temperature, ambient air temperature, fuel usage and acceleration. Talk about comprehensive, right?

Should an owner be the type who loves to geek over the data being recorded to the app, he or she can even download the info to the app where they can analyze whatever data they deem important to them. Oh, it doesn’t end there, either. Supposing an owner finds something on the bike that needs to be tweaked, he or she can change the YZF-R1M’s settings from within the app and upload it back to the bike.

I don’t think owners of the YZF-R1M are going to need any more prodding to download the Y-TRAC application. It’s already available for downloading at the Google Play Store. Don’t worry, Apple users. Your turn will come this summer when the app becomes available on iTunes.

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Why it matters

If there was ever a clear-cut sign on how technology has dominated our everyday lives, this one has to rank pretty high up on any list. It’s one thing to ride a superbike like the Yamaha YZF-R1M and pay close attention to all the readings in the instrument panel. But it’s another thing entirely to have the information fed to your smatphone or tablet while also allowing you to tweak whatever changes need to be made on your bike.

This kind of thing would have been next to impossible 10 years ago and yet, here we are.

The Y-TRAC System will redefine the way people look at the YZF-R1M. As if the bike isn’t awesome enough on its own, you now have an app that basically allows owners to have unprecedented control of their bike in ways only race teams were once privy to.

Technology, right?

Press Release

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., has announced that its proprietary Y-TRAC System smart phone and tablet applications, for use with the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M, are now available for Android devices via the Google Play Store.

According to David Docktor, Motorcycle Marketing Manager for Yamaha, “The Yamaha-exclusive Y-TRAC applications enable riders to connect with their R1M on a level that has never-before been available outside of a factory race team’s pitbox.”

Using the Y-TRAC smartphone and tablet application, the R1M rider can wirelessly communicate with their bike’s Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) system through the Communication Control Unit (CCU).,

Running data can be recorded by the data logger, with course mapping and automatic lap timing managed by GPS. The recorded data can then be downloaded via onboard WiFi to the Y-TRAC application where the rider can analyze information that is overlaid on the track map. The rider can then make motorcycle setting changes from within the application, and upload those changes back to the motorcycle.


Riders are able to access a wide range of data, including engine RPM, throttle position, front/rear wheel speed, gear position, lean angle, pitch (front-to-back), front/rear brake pressure, engine coolant temperature, ambient air temperature, fuel usage and acceleration (both forward/backward and side-to-side). The system also monitors and records YRC functions, including Traction Control, Slide Control, Lift Control, Launch Control and Front/Rear Anti-Lock Braking.

The Y-TRAC application, along with the YRC Settings and CCU Configuration applications, are available now for downloading to Android devices at The applications will be available for the Apple iOS platform later this summer.

YZF-R1 owners will also be able to take advantage of the same Y-TRAC, YRC, and CCU capability (except for the suspension settings exclusive to the YZF-R1M) by installing the Yamaha CCU Accessory Kit, which will be available beginning in June of 2015.

For more information about the YZF-R1M, YZF-R1, and Yamaha Y-TRAC–including features, specifications, photos, and videos–visit

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