This patent drawing indicates that Yamaha is planning to develop an inline-four intercooled and turbocharged diesel engine. Furthermore, various technological solutions have made the subject of the patent application filled by the company’s officials.

The intercooler will be located above the engine or concealed in the frame and a turbocharger will be mounted adjacent to the cylinder head, protecting the parts, ensuring a compact design, but, most of all, minimizing turbo lag.

What makes this news even greater is the fact that Yamaha plans to develop turbo-diesel powerplants even for entry-level sports bikes such as the FZ6 drawing that we’re looking at, while the R1 and R6 can only dream of a modern oil burner and the implicit better fuel consumption.


Source: hellforleathermagazine

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Rod  (825) posted on 07.17.2009

This is interesting.

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