• Yamaha’s Raptor 250 named “Best Of Class”

    Yamaha Raptor 250
  • Yamaha’s Steve Nessl accepts the “Best Of Class” award from Jerrod Kelly of ATV Sport magazine

Yamaha’s Raptor 250 continues to earn individual and industry praise as one of the best new ATVs of 2008. The all new ATV has completely raised the bar for the entry-level class with superior design and performance.

Press reviews of the machine have been overwhelmingly positive, the new Raptor 250 now shows up (and wins!) at national and regional racing series, and ATV Sport magazine has now named it the “Best Of Class” for 2008.

Unlike other entry-level sport ATVs, which are typically based on an existing utility ATV platform, the Raptor 250 was built from the ground up as a sport machine. Yamaha, maker of the most popular line-up of sport ATVs (just check out the Raptor 700R and YFZ450), took its experience and know-how and combined that with customer feedback to come up with the new 250.

One major difference in this innovative new machine is the five-speed manual transmission – standard on the true sport ATV machines – that gives riders control over the power delivery. Yamaha technology went into the single cylinder 249cc air-cooled, four-stroke engine which packs enough power to get you around a track or through the trails. While the machine is classified as “entry-level,” you’ll find just as many experienced riders checking it out because of its versatility and performance-pointed capabilities.

The Raptor 250’s quality and performance have impressed some of the most well known industry experts.

Source: Yamaha

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